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The Benefits of Private Speech Therapy for Speech and Language Disorders

The Benefits of Private Speech Therapy for Speech and Language Disorders

Communication is critical in many areas of life, but for some, speech and language disorders make this more difficult. Struggling with speech and language can cause anxiety, misunderstandings, and an overall lack of confidence. The good news is that many speech and language disorders can be treated and improved. We offer various treatment options, with private speech therapy often being one of the most effective.

Read on to learn the benefits of private speech therapy for speech and language disorders to help you decide if this is the right path for you.

Top Benefits of Private Speech Therapy

Everyone is different and will respond differently to treatment. Private speech therapy offers some advantages for many people, whether children, teens, or adults:

Personalized Treatment Plans

Firstly, private speech therapy means that your speech pathologist is only thinking about you. After a session or two, your therapist will have a grasp on the scope of your issues and concerns. This allows them to create a treatment plan for you and you alone.

It also means that the treatment plan can be fluid. If you’re making faster or slower progress than expected, you can adjust the plan. Or, if something isn’t working as well as anticipated, you can switch gears and try different methods.

This is much harder in group settings as the treatment plans, exercises, and sessions must cater to multiple people. You’ll work on specific things that are meant to improve your specific speech and language disorders.

Private sessions also make it easier to assign “homework” in the form of exercises and things to practice at home. When you’re working on things outside of your sessions, you’ll progress faster and gain more confidence. Increased confidence can help you improve even faster, while also helping you communicate with others while therapy is in progress.

Focused Sessions

Once your personalized treatment plan is in place, each session is entirely focused on you. You can work through exercises at your own pace, and make changes as necessary. It’s also great for asking questions, expressing concerns, and having a general discussion.

With others present, there is far less time for you to ask questions about yourself. The session will also be focused on more general exercises and techniques in order to accommodate everyone.

When it’s just you and your therapist, anything goes and the session is often more productive for you personally.

focused sessions

More Privacy

Privacy is a big one for many people. Some are rather shy, reserved, and even anxious around others, especially in regard to sharing their struggles, concerns, and weaknesses. If this is you, you may also struggle to work on the given exercises and practice saying things in front of others.

Not only can group sessions make some people feel anxious and worried in the moment, but it can also hinder progress in the long term. If you’re uncomfortable sharing, being vulnerable, and practicing in a group setting, you won’t improve your speech the way you want to.

This also means you’re not getting as much value out of your sessions. Some people opt for group therapy as it’s cheaper, but if it doesn’t work for you then you’ll ultimately pay more in the long run as sessions are less effective.

Faster Progress

With private therapy, all of the other benefits tend to result in faster progress:

  • Flexible and personalized plans mean you’re always getting exactly what you need in every session. You’ll never fall behind in a group or work on irrelevant exercises.
  • Focused sessions mean the attention is on you for every moment, rather than splitting efforts between a whole group. You can spend the entire session working on exercises tailored to you and your specific issues. By doing this every session, you’ll reach a satisfactory resolution in fewer sessions.
  • More privacy means no anxiety around speaking or practicing. Nothing holds you back from doing what needs to be done to improve your speech. You also don’t have to worry about others knowing your personal issues and concerns, meaning your therapist will have the whole picture.

With all of these things working in tandem, you’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make.

More Freedom and Flexibility

Lastly, private speech therapy for speech and language disorders means maximum freedom and flexibility when it comes to your sessions. Life can get so busy sometimes, and a regular drive out to an office somewhere may not be in the cards. Or, maybe you or your child isn’t comfortable in a foreign, clinical setting.

Either way, this is why we are able to come to you! Whether you’d like to set up sessions at home or lunch break sessions at work, we’ll do the traveling. This type of flexibility is much easier to achieve with private sessions.

Private therapy also offers more flexibility in the schedule. Whether you’ve got other appointments, trips, or commitments, we can move your treatments around as necessary. With group therapy, it’s quite complicated to reschedule sessions as we’d need to find something that works for everyone.

When it’s just you, you won’t necessarily have to miss a session. While missing a session here and there won’t ruin your treatment by any means, it may slow down your progress a little!

more freedom and flexibility

Enjoy the Benefits of Private Speech Therapy

Private speech therapy for speech and language disorders is one of the most effective treatment types. Whether you struggle with sounds, pronunciation, motor function or anything else, speech and language disorders can have an effect on your life. Private therapy will help you overcome some of these issues and improve your speech overall.

Not only does this give you more confidence in yourself but it allows you to navigate life and communicate with others better. This is important for jobs, relationships, and more. Contact us today to book an appointment or get your questions answered!

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