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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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the worlds of aba and speech therapy


  • Our program melds the worlds of ABA and speech therapy for the most effective naturalistic treatment.
  • We offer 1 on 1 intervention and group programming.
  • GABA School – we offer a school for children with autism that has a low student/teacher ratio.
  • Social-Skills Groups – we offer a variety of social groups for all ages and developmental levels, including children and adults.
  • Summer Camps – we offer a summer camp that combines the structure of a school day with fun therapeutic activities.

GABA School (Our Unique Program)

GABA School is our evidence-based social school run at our clinic.

  • The school is designed to have a low student/teacher ratio, allowing children to receive effective and focused attention.
  • Based on the naturalistic principles of ESDM (The Early Start Denver Model)
  • There are a variety of options for different age groups and developmental levels so your child is always working on the right things and progressing well.
  • Each child will receive an individual program that can be altered and revised as needed.

Social Groups

To further help both children and adults with their development and social skills, we offer a variety of age-appropriate social groups. These are small, effective groups that collectively work on varying social skills that progress as you get older.

The groups are broken down as follows:

  • For ages 6-8: This group works with children on controlling emotions and effectively interacting with each other. They learn to understand feelings and how to use sensory strategies to remain calm.
  • For ages 8-12: This group builds on social communication skills and works on using non-verbal behaviour to communicate with each other. This includes things like eye contact, facial expressions, body language, etc. They’ll learn how to use these things to both communicate and understand wants and feelings.
  • For children 13 and up: This group starts working on more advanced conversational skills and emotional problem-solving. It gets the kids more involved in not only participating in social events but in helping organize them.
  • Adult Neurogenic Group: This group is designed for those who are suffering from a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other neurological difficulties. It helps them work through communication issues, and partners are encouraged to participate as well.
the our unique program
summer camp

Summer Camps

The structure of the school day combined with therapy and other programs is greatly beneficial for kids and parents alike navigating a life with autism. However, this only lasts for part of the year. During summer holidays, some may struggle with the change in routine and lack of consistency.

If this is you, a summer camp program may be able to help. While not the exact same as school, summer camps offer a fun and lively but structured environment for kids to continue learning and socializing.

Some benefits of summer camp include:

  • The day is structured and the routine is consistent
  • Kids will enjoy fun activities that can also be educational and help their development
  • It can help improve their social skills
  • They can discover new interests with help and support from staff

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