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Parent Coaching at Therapy Spot

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Historically, coaching has held its roots in athletics. Over the last two decades; however, coaching has since broadened its scope and has become very popular with individuals who want to improve their executive leadership skills and/or personal development goals. As the popularity of executive leadership and personal coaching has increased, so too has the evidence-based practice of parent coaching. Research is clearly pointing towards the importance of coaching parents on therapeutic techniques they can use at home, as a way to generalize the improvement a child makes from a therapeutic setting to the home. Parent coaching arms the parents with the skills and techniques they need to do therapy at home. At Therapy Spot, parent coaching is offered by our Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, ESDM Certified Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Hanen Certified Speech-Language Pathologists. Coaching can occur during individual treatment sessions involving both parent and child. Parents participate in setting their own target goals. The program then coaches the parents to reach mastery of the chosen skill under the guidance of the therapist using on site-training and video feedback. Group sessions are also offered as a way to facilitate communication and emotional support between parents who are going through similar experiences.

How Are Services Offered at Therapy Spot?

Step One
Step 1 - Complete an Assessment
an Assessment

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Step Two
Step two - Analysis of Results and Development of Treatment
Analysis of Results and Development of Treatment

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