• At Therapy Spot, we have developed a vocal program for each area of voice: Vocal Disorders, Transgender Voice and Professional Singers.
  • We understand the psychological impact voice difficulties can have on your life and are invested in achieving progress.
  • We Treat:

  • Vocal nodules/polyps,
  • Vocal fold paralysis,
  • Paradoxical vocal fold movement,
  • Spasmodic dysphonia, and
  • Parkinsons Disease
  • We are trained in and use the following Treatment Techniques:

  • Lee Silverman (LSVT),
  • Lessac Madsen,
  • Resonant Voice,
  • Stemples,
  • Vocal Function Exercises,
  • Boone Program,
  • Oral Resonance Therapy,
  • Voice Pitch Therapy, and
  • Vocal massage

How are Services Offered at Therapy Spot?

Step One
Step 1 - Complete an Assessment
Complete an Assessment
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Step Two
Voice step 2 image
Analysis of Results and Development of Treatment Plan

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Step Three
Voice step 2
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