Speech, Language, & Learning Difficulties

Speech-Language Difficulties, image 1

    We assess and treat unclear speech including:

  • Phonemic or Phonological Disorder: 1 or 2 sound errors.
  • Apraxia: Many distorted sounds and syllables
  • Hearing for speech and language
  • Stuttering,
  • Dyarthria,
  • Accent Reduction
Speech-Language Difficulties, image 1

    We assess and treat all areas of language and learning difficulties including:

  • Reading, Writing and Understanding Spoken Language.
  • Hearing and Processing of speech sounds and language
  • Making friends (social skills)
  • Cognition: memory, attention, processing speed, executive functions, problem solving
  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Our assessment and treatment protocols provide meaningful outcomes and are heavily rooted in neuroplasticity and behavior.
  • We analyze your speech, language and / or learning difficulties by assessing for all areas of weakness and the interplay between these moving parts.
  • We don’t only look at one area in isolation because our brains do not work in isolation. Our brain is a complex neural network and many different areas and systems contribute to a specific skill and / or weakness.
  • We look at the weakness and all the contributing cognitive, physical and / or emotional factors that can be affecting this skill development.
  • Our treatment program is designed and developed holistically, systematically and hierarchically to allow all areas of weakness to improve and the neural networks between these moving parts to strengthen and improve.

How are Services Offered at Therapy Spot?

Step One
Step 1 - Complete an Assessment
Complete an Assessment
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Step Two
Step two - Analysis of Results and Development of Treatment
Analysis of Results and
Development of Treatment Plan

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Step Three
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