OMD & Swallowing

Oral Myofunctional Disorders & Swallowing, image 1
  • We have a structured Oral Myofunctional program that has been implemented for 14 years with an astounding success rate.
  • We will assess for a tongue thrust swallow and if present provide you with daily exercises to correct it.
  • The program will be designed for your needs and will be hierarchical in nature. Each week will build on the next.
  • The program will target your tongue thrust swallow as well as any other oral habits including: Thumb sucking, cheek biting, open mouth breathing etc
Oral Myofunctional Disorders & Swallowing, image 1

    We will assess each phase of swallowing:

  • Oral phase
  • Pharyngeal phase
  • Esophageal Phase
  • We will determine the problem area and provide you with both exercises and compensation strategies to improve your swallow

  • We will work collaboratively with a nutritionist to ensure that you are receiving appropriate nutrients

Service Steps at Therapy Spot

Step One
Step 1 - Complete an Assessment
Complete an Assessment

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Step Two
Oral Myo functional Disorders, Image of step 2

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