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Therapy Spot Groups

GABA with Friends L1 (social group for children 6-8)

$125per session


This small group works on learning to control emotions and interact with other children in a friendly manner by understanding feelings and using sensory strategies to stay calm.

The program uses the award winning social thinking program: The Incredible Flexible You and the Zones of Regulation which include – social stories, songs, charts and games to learn.

GABA with Friends L2 (social group for children 8-12)

$125per session


Social communication goes beyond talking and words. It involves using nonverbal behaviour (eye gaze, facial expression, gestures and body language) to tell others what you want and how you feel, and to understand what others want and feel.

Successful communicators know the unspoken rules of conversation, which include waiting and listening while someone else speaks and then following up with a comment or a question that relates back to what the speaker has just said.

GABA with Friends L3 (social group for children 13 and up)

$125per session


This small group works on conversation skills, emotional problem solving and participation in organizing social events.

The schedule is 5 weeks of learning the strategies using social stories, role plays, watching videos of role plays and other visual tools. We then go on an outing week 6 and 12 to practice these skills in the public place selected by the group (e.g. cafe, game arcade etc.)

My Meeting Place - Adult Neurogenic Group

$125per session


My Meeting Place-Adult Neurogenic Group

Social group offered to individuals who have sustained a Traumatic Brain injury, had a Stroke or who are suffering from any other neurological difficulties affecting their communication.

Partners encouraged to participate



Workshops at Therapy Spot are offered throughout the year.  Topics include:

1.  Behaviour coaching for Parents

2.  Hanen More Than Words

Please call 416 546 3044 to inquire about scheduling and registration