Corporate Speaking
& Accent Reduction

We have programs for:

  • Giving presentations - structure, speech clarity, rate and voice projection
  • Social-Communication at the water cooler
  • Telephone communication - how to change your rate, voice and speech quality
  • Taking charge at a meeting - thinking on the spot, being concise, making educated points
  • Non-verbal language & its implication in communication
  • Female communication in a corporate world (how to advance your career by using your communication strengths and changing your weaknesses)
  • Male communication in a corporate world (what communication style should we keep and what can we learn from females?)
  • Sales and communication strategies
  • Communication styles to resolve conflict
  • Persuading and influencing others
  • East Indian
  • Mandarin
  •  Cantonese
  •  Greek
  •  Spanish
  • Japanese
  •  Russian
  •  Italian

Improve your English pronunciation and sound more like a Canadian speaker

Improve your general communication skills

Speak smoothly and with fluent English

Be heard and understood

We will target your:

  • Phonetic pronunciation
  • Listening skills
  • Word stress and rhythm
  • Sentence rhythm and intonation
  • Voice projection improvement
  • Presentation skills
  • Learning new words

  • Our Corporate Communication & Accent Reduction programs include research evidence from three different professional industries including: Business, Psychology and Speech Therapy.
  • We target speech goals: how to project your voice, change your rate or clarity of your speech and/or have good eye contact.
  • We target corporate communication: active listening skills, the timing of reactions, solutions to problems and/or non verbal communication.

How Are Services Offered
at Therapy Spot?

Step One

an Assessment

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Step Two

Analysis of Results
and Development
of Treatment

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Step Three


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