Does My Child Have a Speech and/or Language Delay?

Warning Signs for Speech and Language Delays If you suspect your child has a language or speech delay, getting them an appointment with a speech-language pathologist could be one of the important things you do for your child.  The warning signs for delays in speech and language development may be subtle, but can be observed … Continue reading “Does My Child Have a Speech and/or Language Delay?”

Rest. Why is it so Crucial to Concussion Recovery?

When someone suffers a concussion, the brain—like all parts of the body—needs time to heal, so the usual prescription is rest and non-stimulating activities.  The problem with this treatment is patients’ understanding of how the brain recovers from a concussion.  Concussions are not visible scars or burns; they are hidden injuries and a person’s recovery … Continue reading “Rest. Why is it so Crucial to Concussion Recovery?”

Concussion Smartphone APP! You Can Diagnose Yourself Now!

Almost everyone has hit or hurt their head at some point in their life and wondered “is this serious? Should I see a doctor?”  Without a visible injury to see and examine, it is hard to know how serious a brain injury is and how to treat it. The Problem: Studies on brain injury and … Continue reading “Concussion Smartphone APP! You Can Diagnose Yourself Now!”

ADHD: What Makes A Child With ADHD Different?

What really makes a child with ADHD different from other children? A Brazilian research team thinks they’re on the right track to finding out. They found that children with ADHD actually sense things differently than other children, which may lead to the host of behavioural and emotional issues associated with the disorder. What are senses? … Continue reading “ADHD: What Makes A Child With ADHD Different?”

Concussion: What Does It Look Like? How Do You Treat It?

Over recent years, concussion in sports has been a controversial topic of discussion. Concussion can be defined as a pathophysiological process affecting the brain, induced by biomechanical forces. Concussions may be caused either by a direct hit to the head, face, neck or anywhere else on the body where an impulsive force is transmitted to … Continue reading “Concussion: What Does It Look Like? How Do You Treat It?”

Concussion: Do Boys and Girls Present Differently?

Sport-related concussion symptoms have been researched most extensively in men and boys due to the fact that, historically, they participated in sports more than their female counterparts. However, the rising number of young female athletes means that the number of girls with sport-related concussions is also rising. Do Females and Males React Differently to Concussion? … Continue reading “Concussion: Do Boys and Girls Present Differently?”

Pacifier Sucking: Good or Bad?

Are you concerned that your child’s development is being negatively affected by their beloved pacifier? The good news is, you are not alone, according to LaPrairie, Goldacker et al., an estimated 75-85 percent of children in Western countries have used a pacifier. Chances are, you have heard mixed reviews regarding this controversial matter. To set … Continue reading “Pacifier Sucking: Good or Bad?”

Is this an Autism Epidemic?

Early in December, the CBC Radio show The Current hosted a discussion with Steve Silberman about autism.  Silberman had recently performed at a TED conference regarding his thoughts presented in his book “Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity”. In these recordings, Silberman discusses the so-called “epidemic” of autism beginning in the … Continue reading “Is this an Autism Epidemic?”

Autism: Why Waiting for Funding is Worse than Doing Nothing

Last week on Tuesday, the National Post published a shocking article about the reality of trying to find government funding for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To repeat some frighteningly truthful statistics: there are over 16,000 people on the waitlist for funding for autism services in Ontario.  For Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA; … Continue reading “Autism: Why Waiting for Funding is Worse than Doing Nothing”

Brain Games Are Brainless

Do you remember the brain-training fad from just a few years ago?  I remember commercials for Lumosity and CogniFit going viral and my family discussing how these programs may help my grandmother in a sensory-rut due to her hearing continuing to worsen.  I remember buying the iPad to stream these applications for my grandmother’s personal … Continue reading “Brain Games Are Brainless”