Autism and ESDM

We are experts in autism ESDM & ABA

  • Our program melds the worlds of ABA/IBI and speech therapy.
  • We have created a communication and speech clarity program that is based on the principles of ABA/IBI.
  • GABA School - we offer a school for children with autism that has a ratio of 1:1.5 and includes 1 hour of 1-on-1 individual speech therapy.
  • We offer vocational training for young adults with autism.
  • We offer developmental assessments by our Clinical Psychologist.
  • We are obsessed with data & results. Our data is tracked daily to ensure improvement.
  • Social-Skills Groups - we offer a variety of social groups for all ages.

GABA School (Our Unique Program)

GABA School is our half or full day, evidence based social school run at our clinic currently from Tuesday to Friday.

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  • The school is designed to have a ratio of 1:1.5 (children to therapists).
  • There is a maximum amount of 5 children allowed per day.
  • Each child’s ESDM/Behaviour and/or Communication program created by their Speech Therapist is targeted within the school day thereby receiving 4 hours of intensive IBI therapy (half day) or 7 hours of IBI for full day.
  • Each child receives 1 hour of 1:1 Speech Therapy per week included in the price of a half day session.
  • If your child comes for more than 1 half day session, they will receive additional 1:1 sessions with their Instructor Therapist included in the cost.


Autism Therapy By Age Group

0 - 6
Autism therapy age 0 to 6
Autism Therapy
for Ages 0-6

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7 - 12
Autism therapy age 7 to 12
Autism Therapy
for Ages 7-12
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13 +
Autism therapy age 13 plus
Autism Therapy
for Ages 13+
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